Zero Down Bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a stressful process for individuals seeking debt relief. Waltman Law understands how burdensome attorney fees can be, especially in a financially restricting situation. We provide zero down bankruptcy attorney services that may be available to certain Chapter 7 filers.

$0 Down Bankruptcy Option

A zero down payment option may be available depending on your current financial situation requiring a review of your current and projected future household budget and income, type of income, assets, and court jurisdiction in which you are required to file. If you qualify and you choose this option, the first payment toward attorney fees would be made within 30 days after you file. Prior to filing, only the court’s filing fee would be paid.

Those who do not qualify for this option or choose not to use it, may qualify to have the court’s filing fee waived if their household income is below 150% of the current poverty level for a household their size and they do not have access to assets or assistance from others that would allow them to make the payment.

Ask about our zero down bankruptcy attorney services and filing fee waiver options during your free consultation for a detailed review of your specific options.

Please note the $0 Down attorney fees and filing fee waiver options cannot currently be combined.