Simple Wills also known as Statutory Wills are best for those who do not need extensive tax planning or trusts and where all of the beneficiaries are competent adults, charities, or corporations.

In addition to a simple will the basic estate plan can include a Lady Bird deed, power of attorney, and durable power of attorney for health care documents.

Lady Bird Deeds give the grantor (owner) a life estate in the property and transfer the real estate at the time the grantor passes to the stated grantee (beneficiary) if the grantor has not sold the property during their lifetime.

Power of Attorney appoints an adult who can make decisions for or pay bills for another. This is most commonly used where an individual either is unable to make decisions due to medical reasons or because they cannot physically be present to sign required documents. This can also be used to provide authority to an adult such as a grandparent who may spend a lot of time caring for their grandchildren, letting them speak with school personnel, doctors, etc.

Durable Power of Attorney For Health Care designates an individual who an individual trusts to make life and death decisions for them if they are unable to do so for themselves.