If the Children’s Protective Services (CPS) department of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) receives a complaint of child abuse or neglect, CPS will investigate it. They may determine there are no grounds for concern, that in-home services would be beneficial, or that it is necessary to file a petition with the court and request removal of the children from the home.

If the petition is authorized, the parent may request a court appointed attorney and complete the financial statement requested by the court. The parent may also hire a private attorney to represent them in the case. An attorney will also be appointed as the Lawyer – Guardian ad Litem for the children to ensure their best interests are being met throughout the case.

Larissa Waltman has represented both parents and children in child protection cases.

Additional information about the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and Children’s Protective Services can be found at the following link: MDHHS – Children’s Protective Services.