With an attorney who handles debt collection matters at your side, outstanding collection efforts can usually be resolved more quickly. Waltman Law provides debt collection and defense services in regard to your current circumstances.

Creditors who obtain a judgment can attempt to collect a variety of different ways from a Defendant, including:

  • Wage Garnishments
  • Bank Garnishments 
  • Execution Against Property 
  • Tax Garnishments 
  • Judgment Liens 
  • If a Defendant has moved, a Creditor may be able to Transfer an Out of State Judgment to the State in which the Defendant now resides 

Defendants may be able to stop or limit collection in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Filing a Motion for Installment Payments if a wage garnishment is pending 
  • Entering into a Monthly Repayment Plan 
  • Offering a Lump Sum Settlement 
  • Filing Bankruptcy 

Please note that if the judgment was obtained in a small claims court, neither a debt collection nor debt collection defense attorney can appear in the small claims court but can review your options with you and may be able to assist in contacting the opposing party to work out a resolution or preparing the necessary forms. If a judgment has not yet been obtained, an attorney may be able to remove the matter from small claims to general civil court and appear on the party’s behalf.

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