Waltman Law provides guardianship and conservatorship services which will provide you with the guidance needed to care for your loved one.

Guardianship and Conservatorship cases are opened in the probate court where the proposed individual in need of a guardian or conservator lives or is located. They are opened for


A guardianship may be able to be avoided if the individual signed a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare (Patient Advocate) and/or Living Will while legally competent. Guardians help make decisions regarding the individual’s medical care and living arrangements.

The court may place restrictions on a guardian’s ability to enter Do-Not-Rescusitate (DNR) orders without an order of the court.


A conservatorship may be able to be avoided if the individual signed a Power of Attorney while legally competent. Conservators help hand the individual’s finances and legal matters.

The court may require a bond from the conservator based on the type and value of the assets the individual owns. The court may also place restrictions on the conservators ability to sell assets. The most common restrictions are placed on the sale of real estate which involve obtaining a court order first.


Both guardians and conservators are required to file reports at least annually with the court and serve them on the required noticing parties.